This year, the 11’th grade English LK flew to Malta for our class trip. As we were there, we took in various sights and experiences from all over the small island nation. During the trip, we saw the sights of Malta, getting to know both the old cities and monuments as well as the beaches and ocean. We were able to appreciate the warm Mediterranean waters right from the get go, as we kayaked along a cliff-filled shore and, in the meantime, relaxed on the beach. One thing that we definitely learned to appreciate a little more about Germany is our public transportation, as, in Malta, it’s somewhat harder to get around, especially if someone is trying to get to the Hard Rock Cafe in Valletta. We also visited the old capital of Malta, Medina, a walled city that is pretty centralized in the island. With its narrow streets and old unique architecture, Medina was truly an amazing city, especially due to the fact that the city itself is still used to this day, despite being built inside a fort. After that, we headed over to the Dingli Cliffs and were able to take in the wonderful views presented to us there. Visiting the island of Comino was also an amazing experience. The water was a translucent blue and the perfect temperature. Aside from swimming, there were also many old buildings on the island, back from when there were more than three people living there as well as a small fort built at the highest point on the island. On the last day, we all took a tour of Valletta, exploring the new capital and enjoying our last hours in Malta. Despite travel difficulties, leaky pipes, and the bad pizza, this trip to Malta and all of its memories will be looked back upon fondly by everyone that took part. | Xavier Palmer - Austauschschüler - Q1


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