Gli: Androna, Ela

Nav: Sandra, Laia

Moe: Verena, Linda, Henry , Nico


Dates and Schedules of trips

1) School visit Nav to Moe: 15th-18th Feb 2018. Schedule Thu: arrival; Fri: school visit; Sat: field trip; Sun: departure. Students stay in guest families, teachers in Moers hotel.

2) School visit Gli to Nav: 5th-11th Mar 2018. "Teaching and Learning Activity".

3) Summer School Gliwice: 27th-30th May 2018. Schedule Sun: arrival; Mon: school visit, workshops; Tue: field trip; Wed: departure. Students and teachers stay in hostel.


Project  Work

1) Students' profiles to be updated on eTwinning website

2) Xmas cards to be created and sent around, as well as Easter cards in April

3) Updated school presentations to be uploaded on eTwinning

4) Preparation of presentations to be shown during summer school in Gliwice according to the agenda list

5) Collection of ideas of a row of school lessons about renewable energy, planned together with and tested by students. Ideas and experiences will be discussed during summer school 2017 and/or during teachers' meeting in autumn in Gliwice.


Agenda list





Source of renewable energy




Fossil energy type that is used most in the region




a) Technological and scientific basics (definition of „energy“, „energy conversion“, „efficiency“), mode of operation

b) Advantages/disadvantages of the assigned energy source  

c) Models that show energy conversion, if possible measurement of output and efficiency dependent of different inputs

d) Visits to energy companies and providers, interviews with engineers


Products for summer school:

a) Presentation of a), b), d)

b) Presentation of models, maybe videos or posters

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